How Gistscript is going to replace all of your favorite dev tools

GistScript is a home for all those important scripts we cannot build a standalone app for. It’s a convenient and reliable place to safely store, run and schedule scripts in the cloud. Read the previous post about it.

So, I’ve been using the product myself and so have a couple of my colleagues and here’s what I got so far. The way they’ve been using it made me into thinking that the purpose for GistScript shouldn’t be to keep all of yours random scripts so you can test them in the cloud. Instead, they are keeping important scripts that they would otherwise deploy to new servers.

For example, the guys at use GistScript to monitor all of their servers and take immediate action if something happens.
If the server is timing out on port 80 but still responds to ping, perform a reboot and restart web servers. Ingenious indeed!

I’ve been trying to make a use case out of this and turns out that’s something really valuable to me too.
I’ve been monitoring my websites with but I’ve always missed some level of flexibility and when something happened, I had to manually check what was really happening on the server. I’ve switched to GistScript since a couple of weeks and I couldn’t be happier. It still has a couple of flaws I’m getting fixed but it works like charm.

I’ll be rolling out a big update in two weeks starting with server monitoring + server actions.
One by one, GistScript is going to replace those services we developers/sysadmins use to monitor, notify or do stuff that it’s vital to our business.

Stay tuned for the big release and let me know what you think.