It’s hard to recognize bullshit

January 20, 2016

I talked to an old friend of mine this evening.
We haven’t been in touch in the past five years and in the meantime our careers have taken very different paths and our lives – well – I have a wife and a little girl.
Plus I quit my job and I’m trying very hard to start a business myself.
It’s very exciting but complicated time of my life.

In this moment of chaos, he proposed me to have a call to discuss something he’s been thinking about. He wants to start a company. I politely said yes, why not have a call.

Three things about his proposal should have made it clear to me – in the first five minutes – that it wasn’t something for me.
It was clear that it wasn’t my field of interest. There wasn’t a clear product to be built and idea to be grown. And for a guy in my situation it just doesn’t make any sense.

I tried to be as interested as possible and respond in the merit of things. We had this long chat about his idea. Afterwards I felt bad.

Even though I somehow knew that right away, I dedicated more than an hour of the evening I should have spent with my family to him. Why did I even accept to make the phone call in the first place?

I think it’s in our nature to be liked by others. Especially with a person that reminds you of childhood and that you were friend with it’s so difficult to be honest and get straight to the point and say “this is not for me”.
We’ve been taught as children to be respectful and kind to others. We learned all the ways to be good boys and girls, to please others because it’s the right thing to do.
Well it’s not. People are not aware of you and your life and its up to you to recognize bullshit and uninteresting things and cut them off before they get to big.

It’s nothing personal against this friend of mine, humans are just programmed to think that way I guess.
I wish one day I’ll be able to recognize these moments and to firmly push them away because – hey – my life goes on and I don’t wanna miss a moment of it.