Real problems in the short rental business

Me and my wife are actively hosting airbnb guests in our apartments. Here in milan things have exploded in only a year. After expo everything changed.

We started a couple of months ago managing those properties and we have struggled with so many things regarding hosting guests, keeping our apartments clean and always offering the best experience. As product makers we started to build our own solutions to many of these problems and here’s where we are today:

Managing 3 apartments, it was hard for us (my wife mostly) to handle all of the check-ins. It is true that being there for your guests is part of the fun and the spirit of home sharing but when you have multiple guests checking in at the same time or late at night or when you are simply not there it can be really hard.
That’s why we optimized our listings for 24 hours checkins. We made a small device that makes entering our building a breeze and attached a small keybox to our apartments doors. Guests come and go as they please and we have always time to go say hi to make them feel taken care of.

Cleaning the apartment after each guest takes the second place in our list of problems and solutions :)
We have a person who takes care of it for us. Like many hosts we hand our keys to professionals when it comes to cleaning and tiding everything up.
We believed it would be a relief to just get someone to take care of this huge task. The reality is that we found ourselves communicating with the guy all the time – texting and calling mostly. Telling him when to come, when he wanted to know in advance we’d go looking at airbnb’s calendar and that’s how we literally spent hours during the week.
Fortunately, that’s the past now. We build a dead simple solution: a web page with a calendar and an automated sms notification system that takes care of all of the communication with our cleaning guy, nice huh?

Lastly, this is an exciting one, we are bringing the automation experience even further. We are trying to connect everything that happens online, such as our conversations with guests, new reservations etcetera to the real world through. From sending automated messages to users when the arrive in the apartment, to really whatever you can think of could happen :)
This part has not a name or a product yet, it’s in super early stage but we’re very excited about it!

If you have any questions at all about our project or just feel the need to express yourself please do so in the comments I’d love to connect with you.