The making of a hardware product

Making a product, be it digital or hardware is difficult. It’s really hard to build something. It’s even harder to build something that people actually want!

With hardware products you have big implications that you must keep in mind in order to make informed decisions about the product you want to build.

I’m trying to build a hardware product myself and the challenge I’m already facing is:
my product isn’t perfect and probably never will be at the point when you don’t need to provide maintenance for your customers. With sw products you can do remote support or just check the issues on your server, with hw instead you may have to manually fix something, replace a device, reboot it etc.

The thought is simple, I’ve already learned that when you build a first version of something you have to remember you will be shipping a product that is really really crappy. It might just work for a while. Have a strategy to improve that product as easily and effortlessly as possible. Think of providing software updates as soon as possible.