The Product Engineer

This post inspired me. I told myself I would write about it.

I think it clearly states this new type of engineer. He’s has always been around actually but he was never understood by others.

Thinking back, I started coding when I was 15. 
At that time I was really passionate about design.
I worked my way to knowing photoshop good enough to make pretty stuff. Right after I went from designing (crappy) logos and desktop backgrounds to designing (crappy) web interfaces.

That’s when the need to learn to code popped up. I needed to get from interface designed in photoshop to an actual product written in whatever language.

I now realized how that small step was a huge step for most of the people out there. I needed a piece of knowledge to move forward with my work, so I just started studying and hacking around.

For years I believed the transition I went through was about me move from being a designer to becoming a developer. 
As David says, code is for me a mean to engineer products, experiences and deliver results.

That’s why I believe a Product Engineer is in the end an entrepreneur.

I am sure many of you will feel the way I feel.

How do you feel?