The things we have no control over

January 17, 2016

When has our life become a strategy to follow? When have we started to worry about milestones, what we should do and shouldn’t and where we should be?

I feel most of us were made into thinking that our life should be a plan. That things should go as programmed no matter what gets in our way. We worry about what would happen if they didn’t go as planned. We fear what could happen.

It’s actually the way our mind is programmed to think. It is designed to worry about things that might happen in the future. This is a defensive mechanism.
When something unexpected happens we fear that our life might get out of control.

The news is that we have no control over so many of the things that happen to us every day in our life.
People we care about die. We miss opportunities. We are not satisfied with what we have and we look for more. We get busier and busier.

Why don’t we go with the flow as the saying goes? Why don’t we start enjoying what we have this very moment and take some time to wait and see what happens to us?

Courage and resourcefulness are the only qualities that are expected from us for this journey. That’s a requirement to face the challenges of life.

I have to admit it, I live with a little bit of ingenuity too, sometimes.