Why The Internet of Things and the Cloud Should Break Up

January 12, 2016

I read this post today.

I’ve been working in the iot field since a couple of months now. It has been a difficult journey going from knowing how to build an app to how to build functioning hardware and of course understanding others’ hardware.

I partly agree with Pat. Even though I believe the Cloud is often abused because of its flexibility, extensibility and immense power :) I think iot wouldn’t exist without it.

In home automation, in a classic domotic system, sensors and actuators talk among themselves exchanging packages across the local network. That’s very efficient communication.
On the contrary, these system are often not Internet-oriented. They are designed to work within the network and get as little as possible from the outside.

I think the iot of the future is in the middle of that model and the one that is around now.
Let me tell you, the future of iot is a new network of smart devices that are smart enough to sense what’s around them and interact with other devices like it’s nothing and that once in a while will get back to the brain in the Cloud to improve and get better.

What do you think will happen?